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Many of our photographers were once hobby photographers, from having children or pets as models, and turned it into career. Our products and systems create the perfect technique for portrait photography. No matter your skill of photography, we have a program perfect for you with the growth potential you desire.
You do not have to be a professional salesperson. You will be trained on ways to create wonderful pictures that sell themselves.
There is no pressure from the company. This is your business and you determine how much you want to work. To remain an "Active" photographer, you must complete one Picture Parties event every 90 days.
You do not have to keep any products in inventory or purchase products each month. Customers order online and the company sends the products for you!
You do not make deliveries. All products purchased at Picture Parties® are shipped directly to the host and guests.
Yes. Picture Parties® are so much fun that getting bookings are not difficult. Picture Parties® independent photographers choose their own schedule, but the average is 2 bookings per month.
Picture Parties® pays for the items/discounts that the host receives for having a show.
Sign up online for the program that fits your needs. Kit agreements will be sent to you. You will need a few weeks to get prepared by watching training videos, playing with all your new equipment at home and observing a Picture Parties event.
Picture Parties® provides AMAZING training for their photographer consultants. They really want you to succeed! You will be in business for yourself, not by yourself. Your Picture Parties® photographer mentor will start your training and your Picture Parties® has a fabulous online training center full of tutorials. You will be trained in no time!
The minimum equipment each Picture Parties® independent photographer consultant needs access to is in the table below. Not every photographer will own every piece of equipment at the start of their careers, but they need access to this minimum list in order to perform as a portrait photographer. Many photographers share or rent equipment as needed.

Minimum Required Equipment:

DSLR Camera capable of using multiple lenses Light tether (wireless preferred)
SDHC Flash memory cards Backdrop and Stands
Speed light with mini-softbox Light meter
Strobelite 3 light kit (stands, lights, umbrellas) Digital calibration tool or Grey Card

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