Who we are

Picture Parties® was founded by a small group of friends that envisioned a company that could provide high quality photographic
memories for families and friends in a fun setting, while freeing photographers to enjoy taking pictures without the hassle of editing,
printing and shipping.

How Does It Work?

Find a photographer

Find a photographer

Request your party

Request your party

Invite your guests

Invite your guests

How it works

find a photographer

Find a Photographer

Preview the talented Picture Parties® independent photographers in your area, and choose the one that is perfect for your Picture Parties® portrait photography event. If you're unable to find a photographer, contact Picture Parties ®, Inc. for assistance.

request a party

Request a Party

Submit a request for a party to your chosen photographer, who will contact you to review and finalize the details of your Picture Parties® portrait event, to ensure you and your guests capture memories to last a lifetime.

invite your guests

Invite your Guests

Once your Picture Parties® portrait event has been set up with the photographer, you can add guests and send invitations, all within the Picture Parties automated host dashboard.

Photographers who join gain a business in a box, and are empowered to focus on what they love most about their business - taking great pictures! Picture Parties® handles the marketing, sales, editing, printing, shipping and other stressful, but necessary, parts of running a small photography business.

Hosts enjoy a great, fun party with family and friends at their house or other favorite setting. Picture Parties® is the perfect way to have fun with your guests while getting quality pictures at discounted rates. And for guests, this is a great way to get the whole family or a group of friends together for photographs, as even the most stubborn anti-picture people still love a good party!

who we are

Get your photography career started
with our business in a box opportunity!

Hosting a Picture Parties® portrait event

  • Remind your guests to arrive on time to eliminate feeling rushed.

  • The photographer will arrive an hour early to setup and complete your portrait session prior to the start time, allowing you to relax and enjoy your guests.

  • Serve the foods and drinks you know your guests enjoy the most:

    • Mimosas, coffee, kolaches, fruit and mini muffins are perfect for mid-morning Picture Parties®.
    • Iced tea, craft beer and/or cider with hummus, veggies and pizza rolls are the perfect makings for an afternoon Picture Party.
    • Evening sessions are easy with a special featured cocktail, wine (steer away from red, due to stained teeth in pictures) and heavy finger foods.
    • Fruits, cheese and crackers are a nice added touch any time of the day.

  • Kick back and enjoy your party while fabulous memories are created.

hosting a picture parties