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"Picture Parties was a terrific way to have professional portraits taken of my family in a fun, relaxing atmosphere! The photographer was very patient with my toddler and helped to capture high quality pictures of my family that we will treasure for years to come. Being able to spend time with our friends after we had our pictures taken was an added bonus! I can't wait to attend another Picture Parties event!"

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"Our Picture Parties event experience was relaxing and fun! My children were entertained while we waited for our turn...and my husband and I got to visit with friends. Not to mention, our pictures turned out great."

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"Hosting the Picture Parties event was a blast! Everyone raved about how much fun it was and how it was a low stress way to take family photos (even the husbands were into it). On top of it all, I got to catch up with all my girlfriends and my kids had a really fun play date. I'm excited to do it again in 6 months when my kids and the seasons have changed."

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"Picture Parties is a dream come true for my photography business. My first Picture Parties event was a huge success! After accepting the Picture Parties event online, I arrived to the picture party event early to set up my mobile studio and met with the hostess. Then, I got to spend two fun hours meeting and photographing six families. After the shoot, instead of worrying about editing, I was able to hang out and get to know the clients and make new friends. All I had to do was upload the images to Picture Parties event and they handled all the tasks that normally take so much time - like editing, selling and ordering product. Picture Parties event paid me a percentage of the sales and boom - I was ready to shoot the next Picture Parties event. Finally, I'm getting paid to do what I love without the hassle of all the business stuff. Win!"

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